The New Jyst - Major Redesign


Although¬†it may not look all that different, over the past few months, Jyst has been completely rewritten from the ground up to provide a faster, sleeker way to enjoy your aggregated social feed. The new homepage design is nice, but we’ve also implemented many of our most requested features.

Bug Fixes

Due to changes in their APIs, the Facebook comment counts and Twitter login have been broken for several weeks. We’re sorry that it took us so long to respond, but when you’re renovating the entire house, sometimes a leaky roof must wait. Both of those are fixed now.

New Features

  • Inline Twitter Replies - You can now reply to tweets directly from the pinboard, by clicking on the “reply” button, which flips over the card, and entering your reply.
  • Twitter Profile Dialog - Clicking on any Twitter avatar pops up a dialog of that user’s profile, complete with most recent tweets, where you can follow or unfollow¬†that person. Great for adding new people to your feed whom your friends have retweeted!
  • Twitter Conversation Dialog - Tweets that are part of a conversation will have a “chat” button that will open the entire conversation in a dialog, where you can add your own wit and insight to the conversation.

Realtime Share Preview

By far the most awesome new feature is the new share dialog, which gives you realtime feedback of how your status update will look on each social networking site, using the exact fonts and colors of each site.

You can also type your status update once, and then customize it for each service, such as adding hashtags or trimming characters for Twitter. Sharing has never been easier!


Jyst is now better than ever. Come try it out!

New Blog Design

We’re working feverishly to redesign both our app and website to better improve the user experience. Stay tuned!